New Construction:

Meeting with Lenz Construction and planning a new home is an exciting time for our customers. We will answer your questions about the building process and start things off right before construction even begins! We provide free estimates, insurance certifications and customer references. As with all of the pictures on our web site, you can click on the ones below for a larger view.

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The Building Process

Planning your dreams

Click to enlarge view.Our first meeting with the home owner is a great opportunity to become acquainted and visit about your needs, wants and expectations. With over 15 years of residential construction experience, James Lenz can answer all of your building questions. James can work with you to find the answers that best fit your situation. Questions like: "What size of house do I need for my growing (or shrinking) family?", "What exterior style and material works best in Nebraska, and which ones will fit our budget?", "How long does the building process take, and how involved will we be?" and all of the other questions that come up whether it's your first time building a new home or your fifth.

Some people come to us with their blueprint picked out and ready for some tweaking to make it just right for them. Some people know about what they want, and we can help them choose from among over 3000 blueprints using our online home plan search engine. And some people come to us with just ideas, and we set them down on paper for them. If you have a specific blueprint or just have an idea - we can help you design your home to fit your dreams. We will also discuss the availability of lots for the home site If you are in need of a lot - we'll find out what is available.

Assembling your team

After the blueprints have been finalized, we review your needs and the blueprints are sent out to our experienced subcontractors for bidding. After all of the bids are received, we review them and present you with a finalized bid and building schedule.

More choices to make

Click to enlarge view.Building Begins! From surveying the lot and pouring the foundation to the framing, your satisfaction is very important to us. We make sure that you are informed and satisfied with scheduled walk throughs during the building process and we welcome your visits to your new home at any time.

At this time we will work with you to meet with suppliers to choose appliances, flooring, paint coloring, siding, brick, kitchen counter top material, lighting and all of the other items that make the house truly your own. As the building continues - you may want to make changes. All change orders are agreed upon and verified in writing, so that there are no surprises.

The walls go up

Click to enlarge view.Your "Dream" is almost a reality. Your home is now in the final stages of completion. The drywall is going up, your trim is applied. Painting and Varnishing take place then your lighting and flooring go in. We stay in touch with you throughout this process, and schedule regular visits with you so that you can see the progress on your new home.

Your home is ready

Click to enlarge view.Completion - moving day is almost here! At the completion of the home project we will complete a final walk-through and present an individualized home warranty. During this walk through we make sure that everything in your new home meets your satisfaction. Congratulations on your new home!

A Recent Project (click to enlarge)

Love the Kitchen, Bath, and Railing


Searching for Home Plans?

Lenz construction is pleased to offer a searchable database of over 3000 home plans that you can use to find the plan of your dreams. Enter information like: number of bedrooms, number of stories, width & depth of house, garage size and so forth (over 20 variables to choose from --or use the convenient defaults). We'll show you the plans that match your criteria. You can even order them online if you'd like.